Arabian Nights

Arabian nights is a Venetian masquerade ball inspired from the film of Aladdin and the Magic Lantern. Enjoy a lavish and a glamorous evening which takes place in a deconsecrated cathedral where the famous Murano glasses were and still are being produced nowadays.

You will be welcomed by our odalisques to an evening of wonders and delight! The evening begins with a welcome cocktail  and performance by our international artists in oriental costumes. Our DJ will be mashing up soulful and uplifting vibes from Buddha Bar tunes. The evening will follow in the Rezzonico Hall with a gala dinner curated by our chef and led by our Master of Ceremonies, Jafar in fact. You will be entertained by artists, acrobats, performers and magicians throughout the night. After dinner,  the Grand Ball will begin and DJ set infused of Island tunes and entertainment will follow. Between dances, guests can enjoy carnival sweets and chocolate.


What is included

  •  Welcome cocktail and Opening Show

  • Placé Dinner of four courses, wines included (Two menu options: fish-based dinner or a vegetarian dinner, selection can be made at the time of booking).

  • Great Dinner Show of Arabian Nights

  • DJ Set and  open bar(*)


Bottle table service is not included but can be reserved at the time of booking and features(**):

Dom Perignon 2009                €380

Vodka Beluga/Greygoose       €150

Gin Mare                                 €150

(*) Valid for NON discounted tickets

(**) Prices valid for NON discounted tickets

"The joyful and incognito participation in this ritual of collective disguise and new identity was, and still is, the very essence of Carnival"


Main Room


€ 530



(specify one person you want to be seated next to if applicable)


€ 550



(in proximity of stage, only 40 seats available)


€ 5,000



(specify one person you want to be seated next to if applicable)

Side Room


€ 490


(specify one person you want to be seated next to if applicable)


€ 4700



(specify one person you want to be seated next to if applicable)

Costume Rental

We have partnered with Nicolao Atelier which provides Arabian and Ottoman style period costumes:

PACKAGE ALADDIN €250 on top of ticket


Elegant costume

PACKAGE JAFAR €350 on top of ticket

Luxury costume

Get inspired by our Costume Moad Board 


To book hairdo and makeup please contact us 


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