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The Harlequinade ball is a masked ball which takes place in Venice during The Carnival. The founder, with Venetian origins, decided to turn her passion for event planning, interest in design and fashion into her dream job. Merging her digital experience and vivid creativity, she designs and plans beautifully authentic experiences that fall into the Experiential Marketing projects.

"Having attended many masquerade balls in Venice, I came across the idea of designing a traditional venetian ball with a twist of something unique and which reflected the Harlequin character’s traits: light-hearted, a romantic hero with trickster qualities from a mischievous "devil" character of medieval passion plays". Each event has a theme and a story played and performed by artists, dancers and acrobats.

My events are designed to involve the person living a unique and magical experience. The mask and the disguise make the person live another identity and abolish in this way any form of personal belonging to social classes, sex and religion.

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Marina Pirella

Founder and Managing director of Minapirella Events Ltd

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